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The right person with the right skills can make all the difference. But, many companies struggle to meet the challenges of recruiting, training and retaining the skill sets necessary to meet their business requirements. Sometimes, when in-house resources are directed towards critical special core projects. Additionally, the growth of your business depends on your ability to pursue the strategic initiatives made possible by rapidly changing technological developments.


Our Staff Augmentation Services provide IT professionals to meet client's needs throughout the US . We dig deep into our expertise and vast knowledge of the industry to interview our consultants ourselves, before our clients get to talk to them. We provide the best of the breed in the industry. Leveraging our network we are often able to provide quality consultants within a 48 hour time period. Our Consultants today are working at various clients and have always been our inspiration to strive forward.

Also, our approach is to focus on your over all goals and then offer flexible and creative business solutions to your requirements. By understanding the technologies used by our clients, and examining the trends seen by other companies using similar technologies, we can better estimate the future requirements for particular skills. We can develop new skills within our existing consultants, begin recruiting consultants with a particular skill, or use a combination of these methods. By having visibility into our current engagements, our own solutions and marketing pipeline, we are able to evaluate resumes and recruit for immediate, as well as anticipated needs.

A Technology Partnership with iConvergenceSolutions gives you the ability to acquire the specific technical expertise you need. We will collaborate with you to identify your target areas and the most appropriate staff augmentation solutions


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